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We have visited Scotland several times and everytime we come across some wild swimmers, and I really get it in Scotland, those beautiful mirror like Lochs, the sea that has the colours of tropical waters and of course the scenery - so this is my interpretation of the beautiful world of the wild swimmer having a moment of bliss.


Width 30 cm

Height 20 cm

Edition Size 8



Reduction lino printing is a printmaking technique where a design is carved into a piece of linoleum and then printed in multiple layers using the same block.


First, the artist carves away the areas of the linoleum block that they do not want to print, leaving the design raised in relief. The block is then inked with a roller and pressed onto paper, creating the first layer of the print.


Next, the artist carves away more of the block to remove the areas they want to keep the first colour, and then applies a second colour of ink to the remaining raised design. The block is then printed again on top of the first layer of ink, creating a second layer of the print with a different color.


This process is repeated for each additional colour in the design, with the artist carving away more of the block each time to preserve the previous layers of colour. The final result is a multi-coloured print with a unique texture and depth.


Reduction lino printing requires careful planning and precision, as mistakes cannot be easily corrected once a layer of ink has been applied. It is a time-consuming process, but the end result can be a beautiful, vibrant and layered print.

A Moment of Bliss

  • If you are not completely satisfied on receiptof the print you can return the undamaged item within 14 days.  When I receive the return I will refund the cost of the item.

  • The print is sold unframed and will be dispatched securely packaged via Royal Mail recorded delivery.

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