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Hi I'm Joanne, welcome to Art by Joanne Spencer.

I retired from Wiltshire Police in 2017 and decided then that I was going to seize the opportunity to follow my dream, and become an artist.

I had always enjoyed art related hobbies and had enjoyed using my free time creatively, but with the time and opportunity to explore and experiment, I tried a variety of mediums, it was when I started to make Lino prints that I finally felt that I had come home.

There is something calming and therapeutic about carving a piece of Lino, inking it up and then printing it, there are so many variables, how you carve, how you put the ink on and the pressure applied to transfer the ink from the Lino to the paper, that until you have pulled the paper back you are never sure what your image is going to be like.

I use a method called Reduction Lino print, it means I use one block of Lino to print every colour.  Each time a colour is printed more of the surface  of the Lino block is carved away, which reduces the surface area.  It means once the last colour is printed the block is no longer usable and however many prints that are complete and correct are the number that make up your addition.  I make a maximum of 10 prints and hope to provide you with something unique.

I hope you enjoy looking at the prints.