Wiltshire based artist specializing in Lino print inspired by Great British architecture, animals and plant life.

Hello my name is Joanne

I'm an artist based in Wiltshire, South West England and I specialize in Lino Printing and Reduction Lino Printing.  Lino Printing involves transferring a chosen image onto a piece of Lino and using small chisels to carve out different areas of the image.  Ink is then applied to the remaining Lino and a print taken.  Reduction Lino allows me to use more than one colour, the same process is used but different colour inks are applied after each part of the image is removed resulting in a multi-coloured print. I work in small editions of up to 20 prints of each image.  Each print is hand produced by me from start to finish providing you with a unique Limited Edition piece of art.  I get my inspiration from the abundance of architectural examples and the fauna and flora I have experienced in my journeys around the United Kingdom.

I also do some Line and Wash paintings.  I have Giclee prints made from these using archival ink on acid free paper.  They are also available on the website.

Thank you for looking - Joanne


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