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Happy New Year.

As we enter Lock Down 3 I have been reflecting on the past year and how it has affected me. In business terms I have had to learn a lot about Social Media, how to get Art by Joanne Spencer into the public eye and what other methods I can use to raise awareness of my Lino prints. I realise that I think of Art by Joanne Spencer as a separate entity to Joanne Spencer the artist, the artist is very happy to be locked in her studio creating, but the business side is very much needed in order to keep the artist in materials! I am grateful to have a home studio, it provides me with a sense of normality, I was in the studio before lock downs, during lock downs and between lock downs, so there is a constant for me. I live in an area where it is easy to walk a short distance and feel you are miles away from the town and it has made me pay attention to the changing landscape. It has made me appreciate my life, but also made me more aware of people who may live in areas where the luxury of outdoor space is more difficult to find and where wellbeing is much harder to look after.

One of the constants that I heard throughout this time is art is good for you, not just art as in painting and drawing but any type of creativity, most people can attempt a tune in the shower, and most people can doodle, even if you don't think so, these are creative and are good for your well being. I have found the Facebook groups I belong to that relate to Lino printing have been supportive and stimulating, and conversations have been helpful in sorting an issue someone may have as well as leading to other points that have been useful. There are so many of these groups on Facebook that you should be able to find one that supports an interest or skill you want to develop.

Both Joanne Spencer the artist and Art by Joanne Spencer have had positives in 2020. Shakespeare Beach, one of the beaches in Kent, is where some of the cross Channel swimmers start their adventure. This was a commission piece and my last print of 2020. I was really pleased with the way it came out, fortunately, so was the person who commissioned it. Art by Joanne Spencer was asked to join Hansford & Sons' emerging artist platform and to exhibit in Chalks Gallery, Lymington at their Hazy Shades of Winter exhibition, and Wiltshire History Museum purchased one of my prints to keep in their Wiltshire Art archive. I had some of my editions sell out, which was a first and have started to build on a business plan, to sustain my need to create!

In 2021 I would like to create some UK icons in print. Living in Wiltshire, Stonehenge and Avebury are probably a must, but there are so many and I will be asking for suggestions on Facebook and Instagram. I am approaching my first 1000 followers on Instagram and will be running a give away when I do, if you would like to follow me it is @artbyjoannespencer.

Most importantly, thank you all of you who have taken your time to support me in this adventure, stay safe in 2021 and remember to sing when you can and scribble when you feel like it.

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